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He couldn’t help but roll his eyes at her. So he was a little… active. It was expected of him. Okay, perhaps not expected. But he had been young and healthy. He often bragged both of his wealth and stamina. Sometimes, he added in a comment regarding his good looks. No girl seemed to hold his attention for more than a few hours, a day or two at most. “I was saving myself,” Levi defended.

"She wasn’t a mother," he stated, almost far too quickly. "I’m not one to think that blood means anything." After all, Mirandolina was not biologically his child, but he had no doubt that she was in every other way. "But that woman just wanted to use the child. She was selfish and an imbecile and if Disney could be violent, I’d write a letter complaining about how they didn’t rip her head off at the end." Levi had an issue with authoritative figures abusing those they were intended to protect. Perhaps, in part, due to his history with his father. "But you’re right, Mama knew best."

A shrug was offered at her question. “Whatever you want. But it would help with the nursery,” he pointed out. “Sad walk… Excuse you, some women cat called on me. At least they did on my way back. The way there is a bit of a blur,” he admitted. It really had been a bit of a shock to his system. At her protests, he rolled onto his back. “Do you need help getting up while our daughter bounces on your bladder like it’s a trampoline?”

  “Oh you really looked like you were saving yourself.” The blonde countered, it had taken meeting her, and months of her refusing his attention for him to shape up. But that was to be expected, they were in high school, he was looking for anything and everything to do to distract himself, he seemed to just find it in other women. She focused on her music, schooling, everything he seemed to avoid growing up. 

  A light shrug was offered when he said she wasn’t a mother, Clarisse disagreed. She was a mother, but a terrible one at that, just because you were awful it didn’t take away the title, no matter how much many wished it did. “Levon, they pushed her out of a tower window where she fell to her death whilst turning into ash, I think Disney is very capable of being violent, I mean do I even have to bring up Mufusa and Bambi’s mother?” She had come to the conclusion that the animators at Disney Studios all had some sort of parental issues. “Glad to hear that you agree.”

   ”It would, especially considering you’re already ready to start painting everything pink.” Narrowing her eyes at him at the mention of other women cat calling him “Good to know.” She always amazed herself at how easy it was to get jealous over him, especially considering that she wasn’t that type of person, it just happened with him, not that she could be blamed. “I can still get up myself.” Grumbling as she took a moment to push herself off the bed, she was still getting used to being off her balance, she’d been petite her whole life, even more so in the previous few years, being pregnant threw her off her center at times. Making her way to the bathroom she closed the door behind her, gripping the sink tightly as another sharp pain ran through her causing a gasp. Sinking to her knees, almost attempting to curl up wanting to lessen the pain, her breaths coming out as pants, more so panicked, trying to catch her breath. 

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Most of his dramatic moments were all fun and games, but Levi knew if anyone demanded he stop acting in such a way, he would fail to do so. It was a playful outlet of sorts. “It took me some effort to get you to that point, but I do love it when you remind me of such,” he replied, smirking in what seemed to be accomplishment. He took full credit for seeking her out, chasing tails even when she claimed she would never find anything appealing in such a egotistic being. image ”I’m pretty sure that’s the song in Tangled. Do I have to remind you the woman singing it was a bitch and everything no one should thrive to be. Ever. Mother does not know best. Papa does,” he teased lightly, but his mother did come to mind and she had, in fact, always known best. “I will gladly be proved right,” he responded, smirk playing along his lips momentarily. “Unless you want it to be a surprise. I can wait five months to be proven right. No rush in shaming you.” 

"I was lost! You do not get to mock my lapse of orientation which lasted no more than a few hours. Some people faint. At least I was a man about it." Well, depending on perspective. "We were born for this shit. And we’re already good. In case you’ve forgotten we have a little princess skittering about somewhere."

"Not like you can blame me for being hesitant." He had been everything that she wasn’t supposed to want. Levi was the boy that everyone had warned her about, the boy her father forever talked about who she should avoid. Thinking back to their earlier years it almost amazed her just how wrong everyone had been, how happy she was that she bothered to see past the facade he played. "I like to think I was worth the effort." 

"Just because it was sang by someone who was quite possibly the worst mother ever, doesn’t mean the point isn’t right, I think your mother would gladly agree with me. Papa knows nothing." Scrunching her nose at him attempting to display just how much she disagreed. Shaking her head she pressed a quick kiss to his lips "You’re wrong, as usual." She had been debating on whether not they should wait, have it be a surprise, they still had a little time to decide at least. "Do you want it to be a surprise?" This time she couldn’t fight the urge to roll her eyes "You almost did faint, you sat there blinking before you ran out of the house and went on your little sad walk. I get to mock you." He was right, she strongly believed that they were just meant to do this, to be parents, after everything it just seemed right, they were people who both wanted the same things in life. Her face twisting in discomfort for a moment as she sat up, hoping it was nothing she just gave him a little nudge "Get up, I have to pee." 

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Levi groaned in protest, would have pinned her down if he did not suddenly possess the unspoken fear that any extra weight over her petite frame might cause their unborn child distress. “Why you no me amas mas?” And yet he kissed her deeply before she could protest and then eased from her.image ”I dout that.” Having a son would not be that bad, right? It would still be their child. Theirs. Nothing that came as a result of their love could be of harm. “Are you mocking me? I just had a chick flick moment,” he defended with the abrupt urge to pout. “Yes, mama,” and when he smiled this time, it was genuine, thumb tracing her bump over her clothes. 

Smiling up at him, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes, he was once again proving that out of the two of them he seemed to hold the title for biggest drama queen. “Oh stop. I will love you till the end of time, you know that.” Sighing as she allowed herself to sink into his kiss, almost groaning as he pulled away from her. 

"Doubt all you want, but I have a feeling. Isn’t there some saying out there, mother knows best?" Teasing him, her hand coming up to cup his cheek, whatever they had, no matter what, she knew that it would work out. "We can find out at the next appointment." Almost scoffing, she at least attempted to hold in a laugh "You wandered the streets for hours, I get to mock you." Glancing down at his hand she couldn’t help but smile once more, "We’ll be good at this." She mused, almost to herself, this had always been something she wanted for them, granted she hadn’t expected it to happen as soon as it did, but it had been a dream.

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A smirk surfaced, his arm snaking between the small of her back and the mattress dragging the blonde towards the edge of the bed. His grasp tightened, fingers denting her rear. “No complaints on my end, mama.” image ”Daughter,” he mumbled against her lips before his teeth caught and tugged her bottom lip. ”Because girls are naturally drawn to me. We can have a boy after the first five daughters,” Levi reasoned, momentarily sobering at her words. She had a point of course, but the irrational fear was still there, carved into his DNA. “Whatever mi mujer says.”

Letting out a surprised gasp as he dragged her to him, glancing up at him with a small smile, attempting to wiggle away from him a little”Hands off.” 

"The more you say it the more I believe we’re going to have a boy." Pulling back to give him one of her infamous looks "Lets not get ahead of ourselves, if telling you I’m pregnant ends with you storming out for countless hours we’re cutting down the soccer team." Teasing him before pressing a quick but soft kiss to his lips "I’m serious, Levon. You’re a wonderful father." Taking his hand she placed it on her small bump "Girl or boy, it won’t change that."  

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"Old and wrinkly and whale like, and I will still be after your luscious behind." image ”How’s our daughter doing on this fine day?” His hand fell upon the slight bump, thumb stroking over the fabric of her tank top.

"Hey slow down, I’m not getting old and wrinkly anytime son. Its about to get a lot more luscious I bet. Because of you."

"Our daughter or our son happens to be doing just fine.” A smile gracing her features before moving her hand to rest on top of his “Why are you so determined it be a girl?” Pausing for a few moments before looking to him “Just because your father and you had the relationship you did doesn’t mean that’ll turn out the same way if you have a know that right?” 

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image ”Still your egg.” 

"Still your fault. Promise to still love me when I get all gross and whale like?"

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"Well, you were there too." image

"Still your little guys fault."

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image ”I did not intentionally impregnated you. I’m free of all charges.” 

"Just because you didn’t intentionally do it doesn’t mean you’re free. It’s like…involuntary manslaughter, you still get the blame even if it was an accident." 


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You know it’s completely your fault that my jeans don’t fit anymore, right?

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