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Can’t Breathe When I’m Around Beautiful Women | Levisse


"And you don’t think I shut myself off when Mira came along?" he asked her, knowing that Clarisse could not have guessed how he chose to cope when he had originally brought the girl with him to America. "It was different, but I did." It wasn’t necessarily the best time of his life. He had to remain in Spain long enough so that he might plan a funeral, be taught by nurses how one cares for a new born. And then he had to continuously wonder if he was allowed to love the child who was not really his or if his father would change his mind abruptly. This did not happen, but Levi was hardly happy that his father had disowned both his children; simply relieved to know he would care for her when he knew his father would merely neglect her.

Thinking back on the day his mother died was not Levi’s idea of a smooth chat, but if he didn’t do it, Clarisse might feel he was pushing her away. And if she knew, then maybe she’d understand why he was so reluctant. “I saw my mother before she passed. We had to choose; her or Mira. She chose Mira, made me choose Mira. And when she finally did die, my father lashed out on her. A baby.” It was disgusting to think of even now; specially now when Mira had become truly his. “I was angry, I protected her, I chose her. And I was expected to learn in days what most people get nine months to prepare for. I had barely even picked up a baby when she came along. I don’t regret my choice,” and that much he had to make clear “but it wasn’t smooth sailing. When I returned to Mystic, it hit me like a ton of bricks and I just couldn’t cope. I was just… lucky. Bekah and Tasha took over while I got my shit together and then I did. But it took me days. And when she got her first flu, it happened again. I was constantly overwhelmed by Mira because I was unprepared. I wasn’t born with instincts, I had to learn them. So don’t take me walking out for a couple of hours as a rejection of any kind. I just needed to process. It took me days with Mira. Because it’s a big deal. And before I did it on my own, so I shouldn’t be so freaked, but.. it’s different. I didn’t do the pregnancy part last time.”

The corner of his mouth tugged upwards at her outburst. Oh, he was gonna get killed, but Clarisse was so damn amusing - and very much hot - when she was angry and cussing. “It’s not really my fault you’re so tiny, mama.” Death sentence. He knew his ways were incorrigible. “Verdad sea dicha, I do it for your own good. If I let you cool off you never tell me what’s wrong.” She just dealt with it on her own and that wasn’t going to work on the long run. “Oh, watch me,” he replied, a groan in his voice as her index continued to bump into his chest. “You knew for weeks. Not days, weeks. I meant I wanted years to be jealous with you, take you over the world, but I thought we were planning not talking about the real deal. Jesus, woman, I would have just been happy. It is our kid, not some bump in the road. It’s us, the combination of us, in a child. And why would I not love that? But I didn’t get three weeks to let the idea sink in! At least you didn’t go to any of the appointments without me.” Then he would have been pissed.

Oh, God no, she was getting unsteady. For the love of God she best not cry. He hated it when women cried, but could handle it. Simply not when he was the source of the problem. Well, if he was unpredictable… Lips collided with hers, thumb stroking her jaw as his arm snaked around her waist. “I’m happy,” he told her firmly, pulling back so their eyes might meet. “I know I have a funny way of showing, but I am. It’s what you and I have always wanted, a life, marriage, kids… This is our happily ever after.”

   ”I don’t know how you handled it, you don’t exactly talk to me like you used to.” The only details of their years apart she knew were what she was told, the Aussie was well aware that they were hard on him, it’s why she didn’t push. Pushing Levi only made him sink farther back into himself, and she refused to be the reason that he was even more closed off, she just kept holding onto hope that he’d spill it all himself. If she was being honest with what she really wanted it was to have not been gone all those years, to have been here with him when everything happened. The thought of him doing all of this alone, of how overwhelmed she knew he had gotten, the fact he allowed himself to turn back to drugs, it was something that would always plague her. Clarisse knew his father, how he was with Levi, it was something she would never understand, how someone could treat their own child like he did?

  There wasn’t really a choice when it came to what happened with Mira and his mother, Clarisse knew that, and if you asked her right now she’d make the same exact one. Grief made people do terrible things, she was making no excuses for his father, he wasn’t the best man before his wife’s death, but after..she could only imagine just how far gone he was. “I know you don’t regret you choice, you did the right things, you took care of her, look at the girl you raised. That was all you.” As aggravated as she was with him, he needed to know that she didn’t think lowly of him, she knew he did the best with what he was given, and that’s more than most could have done. But this wasn’t the same, they had months to prepare for this baby, they had each other to lean on. Almost rolling her eyes when he said he wasn’t born with instincts, what he had with Mira wasn’t just picked up over time, he was a natural with her, even if he didn’t see it himself. “It is a big deal.” Letting out a small laugh before shaking her head “You’re freaked? You’re not the one who is going to turn into a whale, and have a little human kicking them in the bladder every five minutes.” 

  As soon as she felt like she was calming down some of course he had to poke her once more by calling her tiny “I’m not tiny, Levon!” Raising her voice, yet there was almost a whine behind it. She hated when Jason and him referred to her as tiny or small, like they were just able to pick her up and toss her wherever they wanted with such ease. She could strangle him. “My own good? How about if I think that it’s for your own good that you don’t leave, should I just go slash the tires of your first love out there next time?” Scoffing as she crossed her arms, resuming glaring at him. “I asked you all those questions that night because I wanted how you honestly felt without knowing that I was already pregnant. And if you wanted years, maybe you should have thought about using a condom, hm?” Just because they were going to add onto their little family, it didn’t mean they stopped living their lives all together, they’d have to readjust, find their footing, if anything now she had even more excuses to make him take them all to all the Disney’s around the world.

  “And why do you think that us having a baby means that you don’t get to be jealous with me? We’re always going to be us, even if I’m pushing you out of bed in the morning when he or she is crying.” She really hated mornings, she doubted that was something that was going to change. A small smile found its way onto her features “I don’t know, okay? Rational thinking hasn’t exactly been my strong point these past few weeks.” Leaving out the part where she almost had went without him, though the weight that had been on her shoulders was finally gone. Clarisse could be happy about this, could stop stressing about when and how she was eventually going to tell him. 

  Leaning into him as she crashed his lips to hers, blinking her eyes open as he pulled away. At always lived up to the unpredictable title, sighing softly, this fight wasn’t something shed forget or let go so easily, but at least for now the worst was over, she had a quick rebound rate when it came to fighting with him. “Yeah?” It was good to hear that he was, with her anxiety of telling him, and then walking out, he had her driving herself insane, something he was incredibly good at doing. Smiling at the words happily ever after, there was a time she thought she’d have that again. Leaning up she pressed another kiss to his lips before pulling back “What’d you bring home from your little walk?” 

Can’t Breathe When I’m Around Beautiful Women | Levisse


Levi was the kind of guy who could fuck it all up and still throw in a joke or two. Some stupid, overpaid shrink claimed that he masked his pain with humor. Perhaps they were right - not that he would ever admit to it. It was a defense mechanism. When you lost, bled, got kicked enough, you found that sarcasm smoothed the fall, no matter how high you fell from. At the moment, while it helped him not freeze again, it only seemed to provoke Clarisse further. Her tone indicated that she was anything but amused and he would do well in proceeding with caution if he had any intention of making it through this evening intact. But surely Clarisse remembered the amount of times they had fought in their teenage years due to his incapability of remaining serious until they literally sat down and agreed that he would aim to be somewhat more serious whilst she promised to at least attempt to loosen up.

Fatherhood had, for the most part, solved that issue. When you became a parent, concern came naturally to you. Clarisse would soon develop that instinct, realize how easy it was to become spooked when it finally dawned that that responsibility was about to duplicate, that all it took was not being in the same room as the child in question for worry to take over. It was fact, he wasn’t sure until he took that walk if he was ready for that added responsibility, specially when he was still in college. But this time there’d be a mother, so he was hardly as lost and disorientated as the first time around.

He didn’t know whether to sigh or drown in guilt, but the feeling was one he could easily process after the hell that had been rehab and recovery. So Levi chose to roll his eyes at her, well aware that it might just trigger another outburst on his wife’s end. “I think we need to remember that I just went for a stroll. If I was going to leave for good, I would have at least taken my car with me. I mean, that’s my first love out there,” he teased. Surely Clarisse knew he would never simply just take off and leave Mira behind? It was stupid, really stupid of her to think he would ever leave her, but if he was going to do that, he wouldn’t just abandon his kid as well. Jesus, what kind of a jerk did she think he was? And did she honestly think he’d walk away from her permanently just because she was pregnant? If anything, that would only make him stick around longer. It wasn’t his fault his body chose to just… stop working at a time like that. “If I had stayed, I would still be in that living room, blinking at you like a moron. You would have had to take me to hospital.” He needed those few hours, that walk. Otherwise, he would have just continued to feel stuck and unable to process.

Three- what? Eyes darkened momentarily with anger. She had kept this from him for three weeks? Well, wasn’t that a walk in the park? He didn’t even know why he was so upset, he just was. Maybe it was because he assumed she’d made a secret out of it because she didn’t trust him, and he knew he hadn’t exactly responded in the way normal married men did, but he did his best to push past that given his odd reaction. Few months… That meant they had fewer months to get things ready. Then again, Levi had to do everything for Mira after she was born and that had worked out fine. “I’ll be there. Just tell me when and what time and I’ll be there.” No need to sit around for an invitation. “Look, I know I’m not… perfect. I’m wired weird and I am unpredictable, but I’d never just up and go and leave my family behind, Clarisse. That’s the one thing that differs me from my father.”

   Clarisse knew that he avoided serious conversation, he always had. He would tease and joke, attempt to lighten her mood, and truthfully most times it usually did. The blonde knew how he was wired, how he worked, it was different this time, at least it was to her. She couldn’t even count all the times they had gotten into it about him deflecting the issues, having to go to the point of making him sit down to talk about it. But this wasn’t one of their normal disagreements, they weren’t teenagers fighting about the pointless things they always seemed to. He was using his sarcasm to stop himself from freaking out, but it only seemed to set her off that much more. Maybe it was the hormones, or maybe she was tired, she always had been extra cranky when lacking sleep. Either way, everything seemed to fuel the temper she was doing a terrible job at holding in. 

   This hadn’t been something she planned on, they always talked about it, and joked about it, that’s all it was supposed to be right now, a hope for the future. Shaking her head a little, she couldn’t help but let out a sigh, this wasn’t how things were supposed to go, but then again, did they ever actually follow a normal straight path? “You’re already a father, and that thought of us having a baby made you get to the point where you needed to leave. How am I supposed to feel about that, Levon? I mean is it really that terrible that I’m pregnant?” Since coming back into his life, she had carried a few more insecurities than she normally had before. Things were different, they were both different, she feared that she wouldn’t always be what he wanted, that the dreams they once had together were things that she only still wanted. 

  Glaring as he rolled his eyes, she was going to kill him at this point. “How about you think of it this way, what if I had left. What if we got into a fight, and I walked out that door without a word as to where I was going or when I would be back. How would you feel? Because you won’t even let me walk out of a room without you tossing me over your fucking shoulder and dragging me back and demanding I talk even if I don’t want to!” Snapping on him, swearing wasn’t something she did, she honestly never felt the need, but he was the one person who was able to drive her to the point. It wasn’t that she thought him to be a terrible man, she knew that he wouldn’t have left Mira, it was just the act of walking out that door is what was a slap to the face. “Great, I’m so glad your walk did you some good.” The sarcasm obvious in her tone, setting down the glass of tea, now having lost all interest in it.

  Clarisse noted the way his eyes darkened as they always did when he started to get angry, taking a step forward she poked his chest “Don’t you even dare get mad at me for keeping this from you. For starters it’s not really my fault you’ve been oblivious to the signs, and” Looking up to him, “I was going to tell you the night of the blackout, you said you needed time to be selfish with me. I was giving you your stupid time!” This was all supposed to be special, the memories that you remember forever, this was their first. A frustrated huff leaving her, at least he’d be there, right? She got that out of all of this. “I never claimed you were like your father, you are the farthest thing from him. I sat here coming up with a million and one things that could happen, you’re unpredictable but I can usually tell what you’re thinking but this..I have no idea, I’m all over the place. I don’t know whether I want to yell at you or just start crying, let alone know what you’re thinking or going to do next.” She was used to being the somewhat stable one between the two, having the patience, and determination to put up with whatever he threw her way, but now, now she felt like she was an emotional wreck, and it was exhausting. 



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Can’t Breathe When I’m Around Beautiful Women | Levisse


The wrath of Clarisse was as bad as that of Levi’s deceased mother. The female Cruz was a fair, beautiful, gracious woman but when she lost it… Jesus was she scary. It was no different with the blonde he had to chose to call his wife. He knew he had pulled what most called a dick move, leaving like that when she told him such important news, but had he chose to stay, he would have remained paralyzed for hours, simply blinking at her, incapable of truly wrapping his mind around the information she provided him with. The fresh air, the wondering about had done him some good and now, yes, he was happy. The happiness was simply masked by the rush of nerves. Along with perhaps some fear of facing her.

Her beautiful face greeted him. She almost seemed to have rushed. Yeah, he had kept her waiting too long. Ugh, this would take him forever to make up for. Fucking asshole he could be. Relief spread along Clarisse’s features before they went tense, that secret warning that if he came too close, she would eat him up alive. As soon as she’d come to him, she was gone. Now that she knew he was alive and well - most importantly, sober -, she seemed keen on staying away from him, punishing him for his moment of fear. “Clarisse, don’t be like that,” he whined in a tone which was quite over dramatic. “Come on. Princess?” He was gonna get smacked so hard.

A sigh left his lips as he settled the baby books on the table, knowing he would seen turn to work to hide from the guilt. But he would pester his wife a little longer before allowing her space. After all, he’d needed his first. Still, placing ice cream in the freezer was the perfect excuse to follow the blonde beauty. His tongue ran over his lips, that brief hesitation whilst gathering whatever courage he possessed. “I’m sorry I left.” He could just about cringe at that word. Leaving sounded so… unlike him. But he felt smothered. Not by her, but the responsibilities. It was odd, given how keen he’d always been to become a father, to marry her. He worked, he had financial stability, their relationship was damn near perfect, so who could possibly do a better job at raising children than them? And yet he felt like he was going to fail. Perhaps because his track record had one dark stain he could never erase: drug abuse.

The thought was dismissed as soon as it came to him and he leaned against the counter, watching her make herself some tea. He was in deep shit with Clarisse, knew she was angry but he was too curious for his own good, too excited now that he had had time to cool off. “Do you know if it’s a girl?” Why did he always assume they’d have girls?

   She would never admit it, but she knew how terrible her temper could be, she figured it was because she let everything build up and when something finally got her to the point of exploding everything was let out. Under any other circumstance she would have forced herself to have patience with him, she knew him better than she knew herself half the time, but everything seemed to be put on over drive lately. At times the two separated themselves, going into different rooms to put space, but he walked. He was so afraid of anyone walking out on him, with good reason, but he did it himself, even if it was to just clear his head. It was something deeper to her, they didn’t leave the other, they never had, if anything they were always attached at the hip. 

  This was supposed to be something that was celebrated, she always heard about cute stories on how they told their significant other. She was actually glad she didn’t put the effort into coming up with some elaborate plan to tell him, it would have been wasted, and left her more disappointed. The blonde was relieved that he was sober, took some of the anger way, at least he hadn’t gone and gotten himself drunk to deal with the news. She kept telling herself that he was in the right to need air, but it didn’t sit well, and right now she was more interested in riding out this anger, she wasn’t allowing him off the hook that easily. Especially because this was something that would leave her asking if things got too much for him, would he just walk out again? That had never been a question in Clarisse’s mind before, never even a thought, but now? It was a fear. 

  A scoff left her when he told her not the be like that, narrowing her eyes in a glare, he couldn’t be serious, right? “Oh, don’t even.” She wasn’t Mira, calling her princess and giving her ice cream, as appealing as it was, was not going to put him back in her good graces, not even close. He was lucky that she didn’t whip this cup at him, which was steadily becoming more tempting. “You’ve done a lot of things, and I’ve let them go, but you’ve never left.” God, he could be such an idiot sometimes. She couldn’t count the conversations they have had about kids, and while she hadn’t expected them to have one this soon, she also didn’t expect him to react so badly. “I asked you during the blackout, and I thought about keeping it from you as long as I could, but I shouldn’t have to hide how excited I am, or how happy I was when I found out. But I did, for you, I had to work myself up to telling you and when I did, you walked out.” Running a hand through her hair with a frustrated sigh, this wasn’t how she had imagined telling him the first time.

   Setting the cup down, she glanced over at him, her features softening before shaking her head. He always had assumed that they would have a bunch of girls running around. “I haven’t gone to the doctors yet. I don’t even know how far along I am.” Turning off the stove top, she poured the boiling water in. “I only found out about three weeks ago, but I figure with how late I am, has to be a few months” She wanted to experience all the firsts wit him, not in secret, only to tell them about how the first sonogram looked, or how the heartbeat sounded. “My appointment is in a few days.” She figured he knew the silent question in there, wondering if he’d be there. 

Can’t Breathe When I’m Around Beautiful Women | Levisse


It was so uncharacteristically of Levi to ever leave Clarisse’s side willingly. If anything, he made her life much harder when he refused to allow her to make it to work on time, or when he bribed her into meeting him at college so he wouldn’t have to wait much after his last class to be with her. And yes, perhaps he liked showing off his new wife so others might envy him. If only in the slightest. But being told that he was going to father another child… well, that was life changing. The good kind, but still. It was different with Mira. He had to make a decision on the spot, a promise and then he was given hours to process, to simply stare at that newborn and feel himself gradually falling in love with her. This time, it was no more than an idea, an illusion. There was no baby, Clarisse wasn’t showing… his mind was struggling to process.

By the time Levi emerged from the turmoil of emotions, he realized he was at the other end of town. He had walked that far? Jesus. He had to go back. And most likely apologize. With the visual of a baby and a curious Mira hovering over a crib, Levi found himself grinning. Fool, being intimidated by the concept of fatherhood when he had already fathered a child - even if not biologically. 


It was only hours later that he reached home, a handful of baby books under one arm, Clarisse’s favorite foods and ice creams in the other. He was hardly one for gifts, but food soothed her temper and the books would come in handy. A deep breath and he dared enter his own home. “Honey, I’m home.” Here goes nothing.

   She had spent the past two weeks thinking of all the different possible scenarios that could have happened, the one that did, it never even crossed her mind. Maybe she was a dreamer, while she had expected a drama king reaction, she had thought there might have been some sort of happiness involved. Instead he walked out, which is something he never had done before, if anything he was always the one making her stay when he angered her enough to cause her to want space. She figured it hurt as much as it did because of how unexpected it was. Attempting to turn her attention to the tv had turned out to be waste of time, her mind only seemed determined to keep playing his leaving on repeat, struggling to come up with some sort of clue on how this would all play out. 

   Checking her cell phone again, she tossed it back on the couch when it revealed no new messages, the blonde wasn’t sure if she was more upset or pissed, but either way she felt like whipping something at his head. Then again he had a tendency of bringing those feelings to the surface on a normal basis. Playing with the rings on her finger, twirling them seemed to have become a habit of hers whenever she felt anxious. Clarisse pushed herself off the couch, knowing she was going to drive herself crazy if she continued to sit there and stare at nothing, letting her mind work up every bad possibility it could think of. Instead turning her focus into making a cup of tea, it had always been something her mom did to soothe her nerves.

  It had been hours since he left, she wasn’t sure tea was going to fix the knots in her stomach but it was all she had, with Mira sleeping and the staff seemingly gone for the night, there wasn’t much else to put her focus on that wouldn’t result in her cracking. Hearing the door open, she rushed to make sure it was him, a small sigh of relief leaving her. Downside of living in some supernatural beacon, she never knew what could happen.  But her relief was quickly changed to anger at his words, if that was his attempt to play off his walking out the urge to throw something at him was back in full force. Shaking her head, she turned on her heel making her way back to the kitchen, he was the only one capable of frustrating her so much she felt the need to get this angry. The blonde had decided that she wasn’t even going to bother with talking to him right now, too pissed off at him to form the right words that she wanted.

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I Can’t Lie || Levisse


At times, Levi found fate to be a funny thing. Most times, he resented it. For taking Clarisse from him, for keeping them 5 years apart… He blamed himself for not searching more, for ignoring that voice at the back of his mind which urged him to believe he would find her once more. He accepted that she had died but did believe they would be reunited whenever he passed away too. Perhaps that was what originally lead him to become involved with drugs. Levi was anything but stupid. Only idiots became involved with drug abuse. Idiots or desperate, lost souls. He was the second, of course. He wished to speed up the process and leave behind a life which could hold nothing promising for him. His one and only chance at happiness had been abruptly taken from him and he wanted this life over and done with.

Then Mira happened. In so many ways, that little girl had saved him. He had struggled at first, yes; without doubt. He was alone and she was a newborn in need of a mother. Mira had to do everything different. She could not be breastfed, Levi often allowed her to listen to his heartbeat but was told it was not as efficient as listening to the biological mother’s… he knew nothing regarding babies, but proved to be a fast learner. He still wanted more children. Many. He had read somewhere that the older children could develop some insecurities and jealousy but if they became involved since day 1 it was much unlikely to happen. Perhaps they could do that.

The air seemed to have been sucked from within his lungs when Clarisse’s face dropped rather than the usual nerves which followed an incident. So no paint, no broken vase? Just… a pregnant Clarisse. Wait, what? Pregnant. Pregnant. The word kept playing in his mind like a broken record but his brain cells were failing at establishing a connection of any kind. Pregnant. Baby. Baby. New born. Dippers. Crying. Pacifiers. Baby. Pregnant. Levi only grew more frustrated but the more he urged himself to cooperate, the less he did. He merely continued to stare at his wife, lips parted, unaware of how to respond. “I-” Nothing. He was lacking air, could not breathe. Hold on. Wait, what? How? When? Huh?

Air, you moron, you need air, his conscious screamed so he rose to his feet slowly, almost as if he had been compelled. “I-” Again nothing. “Air.” As if that were an explanation of sorts, he picked up his jacket and walked out the front door. All he knew was that he had to keep placing one foot in front of the other. Anything else and he wouldn’t cope.

Clarisse hadn’t believed in fate before they met, she had always figured there was some sort of reasoning behind things happening, but never that it was all mapped out and fate deciding things. But now, what else could explain some of the events in her life? Maybe it was fate that they had to go through everything they did, to make them who they were today. Or maybe it just couldn’t be explained. To end up in the places they both had been, he had been involved in drugs, pushing himself to ever limit, she spent her days locked away questioning whether or not to give up and let him do as he pleased with her, how was that fated to happen? They had happiness, they were on the brink of something amazing and it had been completely demolished the first time. As much as she hated to think about their years apart there were times that it was the only thing she could think about. The blonde just wished there had been some explantation as to why they both had to go through those things.

  Here he was just staring at her, not offering a single word. She didn’t know what to say that would make him snap out of it, if there was anything she could even say. Clarisse wanted to have patience, but right now she needed him to give her something, any sort of reaction that didn’t involve him standing there with his mouth open. “Say something, please?” Her subconscious was kicking her, telling that she had told him too soon, that she should have stuck with her plan to keep it to herself until she felt comfortable enough to tell him..but maybe she had been selfish, she wanted him at the doctors appointments. This was her first time doing this, and while he had Mira, he didn’t get her until after all these things were finished. Was it so wrong of her to be happy about this? The way this conversation was going - obviously.

Unshed tears that threatened to fall she desperately attempted to keep in. Especially as he got up, “Levi, don’t go..” It was something he didn’t do..he never walked away from her, if anything it was her who always attempted to break away, and he’d always do the same thing. He’d throw her over his shoulder and drag her back until he got what he wanted. Air, the only word she got from him, following him to the door now she was the one at a loss for words. Watching him was almost like slap, there was no dragging him back and pushing him until he decided to talk. Clarisse closed the door behind him, maybe a little harder than she intended. She wasn’t entirely sure what exactly she was feeling, it was a mixture of things that seemed to be on over drive. Making her way to the couch, she sat down, swiping at the tears, she had always hated crying. Curling up in her spot, her hand resting on her flat stomach “I really hope you pee on him every time he tries to change your diaper.” Glancing over at the door once more she let out a sigh, what was she supposed to do now?

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I Can’t Lie || Levisse


The time would come where he could no longer pretend not to notice that the click was ticking, time was passing and his little girl was not so little anymore. Sometimes it felt like only yesterday he was carrying her home, after a eight hour flight where everyone who saw her could not resist smiling at the newborn. Now, not only could she walk and talk, but she had a mind of her own, was more than vocal about her desires and dislikes. It was gradually becoming harder to ignore her growth but Levi was beginning to realize that even when she reached mid age and he were near senile, she would forever be his little girl.

Work, yes, he excelled so very much in. Hardworking and focused, Levi was also extremely competitive. It was a driving force. He enjoyed eliminating the competition. Something about alpha male bullshit. Even humans had that instinct, to want to thrive over the others. And Levi did. Whenever he encountered a professor who attempted to break him down, he won at their game and accomplished whatever he wished. He was spoiled, had been all his life, but he was also incredibly gifted and never expected success to be handed to him. “But they can dream,” he pressed with a sided grin.

Patience was hardly a virtue he possessed. He often made himself practice for Clarisse’s sake, but Jesus did he fucking hate waiting. Another evident trace of his wealthy upbringing and possibly one of the many consequences of being an only child. Mira, often, seemed to suffer from the same issue.

And then the words left Clarisse’s lips and for a while he merely blinked blankly at her, feeling lashes brushed for time seemed to have paused. What? Huh? Lips curved slightly, a chuckle falling past his lips. “Okay, I get it, it’s serious. Whatever you think you’ve done, Clarisse, I won’t be angry for too long.” She had to be testing him, right? “Besides, rage sex is wonderful.”

   She had grown up quite a bit just in the time that Clarisse got to spend with her, her birthday was only another three months away now. It was amazing how quickly time had been flying by. Well there was always that saying that time waited for no man for a reason. It’s just that those five years they spent apart seemed to drag on for an eternity while their time together seemed to constantly move faster. Then again they had managed to do a lot of things that would normally be spaced out over months in only a few. Between them getting back into their rhythm, then engaged, and was a lot, and now this ontop of was a lot to deal with/

   She knew he lacked patience, he always had. Not like she could talk though, she was incredibly impatient, but it’s not like she was going to admit that to him. She figured it had to do with the fact her parents only had her, she never really had to wait her turn when it came to attention. Levi seemed to share that quality with her, and Mira as well, which was something she worried about. What if Mira took this badly? Didn’t want a sibling running around. The first almost three years of her life were completely dedicated to everyone paying attention to just her. And now she was going to have to share some of it, it was going to be an adjustment for all of them, hopefully one that would be for the best.

   Raising a brow as he stood there, staring almost blankly at her. Okay, so not the exact reaction she was expecting, but at least he didn’t seem pissed. A small shred of hope ran through her when he smiled but then it was crushed when he thought she was joking. He was such an idiot sometimes, why would anyone jokingly tell their husband they were pregnant? “Do you honestly believe that I would hide breaking a vase of yours with telling you that I was pregnant?” Maybe if she said it back to him, he realize how dumb it sounded. Normally she attempted to display patience when it came to anything revolving Levi, right now it happened to be a struggle. “Starting to think the keeping this to myself for a while longer option was better.” 

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